The Importance of Telecommunication Methods for Tow Trucks

When you’re out on a tow truck tow job, having effective communication between team member and the customer is highly important to successful and fast completion of the job.
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Communications are important for a number of things on a tow job, from communicating with the customer about his location and needs to passing along directions and traffic information.
 While the most common method of communication for most people is by cell phone, there are some issues with the use of cell phones for tow truck communications. Although modern data capable cell phones do allow for easy and fast communication as well as transferring data via text message and email, data cell phone service is not available in all areas that a tow job may take you to. What can be even worse for cell phone users is that some rural areas may not even have basic cell phone service, which can impede communication between the customer, the staff on the tow job, and the tow truck dispatchers.
 This can leave everyone in the dark about what is going, and lead to difficulties in locating the customer. It can also result in not bringing along the appropriate equipment for the job if communication with the customer or with the dispatchers is difficult. It frequently happens that the customer is in contact with the dispatchers via an emergency highway phone in rural areas. Dispatchers for Allways Towing 247 say “it’s highly important for the staff on the tow job to be able to maintain communication with the dispatchers for the duration of the job.”
 There are several ways to rectify this issue for tow jobs in rural areas. The most common is installing a CB radio in the tow truck, which allows the staff on the tow job to communicate with dispatch directly even in areas with no cell phone service. If the client has a CB radio in his or vehicle, as almost all tractor trailer drivers do, then communication directly with the customer is also possible. Another option is to install a satellite telephone in the tow truck – this can be more expensive, but it may be necessary to ensure constant communication with dispatch in areas where CB radios may not be reliable, such as very hilly or mountainous areas where the terrain can impede CB radio signal transmission. Satellite cellphones work in just about all circumstances.