Easy DIY Decoration Ideas for Valentine’s Day

There are so many ways to personalize Valentine’s Day and make it special for your loved one. For those who are good with crafts and able to make things, there are a lot of things to do.  Decorate your table, make centerpieces, and decorate your bedroom with Valentine’s day decorations and even the fireplace mantel.

Bunting: This is so easy to do – buy some heart shaped paper doilies and thread red string through them and hang it up on the mantel.  These can be made as long or short as necessary.  Paper doilies are available in many colors – you can write personalized messages on them if you like.

Flower arrangements: Get colored glass jars or vases and fill them with red or pink flowers – you can buy roses, carnations or even tulips in red or pink. Cut the stems short enough to fit snugly in the mason jars.  These flower arrangements can be placed around the house – in a bedroom, bathroom and even the entry way to make the house look festive.

Heart Valentine trees: Take pink and red felt and stamp them out in heart shapes.  Glue them lightly to Styrofoam cones and place them on the dining table or anywhere you want to make an arrangement.