Pheromone Attraction Control Monthly

First off, we are SO glad to have you on in this later issue of Pheromone Attraction Control Monthly. This issue is one of my favorite topics that I am MOST passionate about. I truly believe in the power of dark and light feminine energy, and it’s lasting power with men. Simply put, of anything, to have a man fascinated with you and glued to you with lust as well as love requires a very well developed dark and light energy. What does this mean? You’ll find out in this volume of Attraction Control Monthly. Learn more about pheromones at and
But let me tell you this as a quick word of warning… about 99% of all women are stuck in either light feminine or dark feminine in our modern society. And this is one reason why we’re not seeing as many fulfilling relationships as we should. It really isn’t your fault though, if you’ve been just showing up in one of these energies. We’ve all been actually conditioned by the world to be a certain way to get respect and acceptance. But don’t be alarmed, this doesn’t mean you’re not enough right now, after all; you’re reading this. And reading this is the best head start you can give yourself, because most of us humans have no idea about how we need to consciously allow ourselves to develop dark and light energies. Without dark energy, whether it’s your dark energy, or a man’s dark energy, you are both extremely vulnerable to cheating, and that’s any kind of cheating – emotional, sexual or any other kind of thing you may consider to be cheating with more powerful pheromones. Learn more at
Without the light energy, there will be very little of the “relationship”, but instead, it would be full of nasty fights and arguments that wake up the whole neighborhood on a Thursday night. Simply put, with only one energy, you are only “half” the package, when it comes to making a long term relationship work. So sit down and relax, and get comfortable, while we show you the secret to having a man fascinated with you and having him never dream of leaving you. And to get you started, I wanted to share with you a confession from a “happily” married man. Something you’d probably never hear in a million years, but thanks to his honestly and courage, it gives you a little glimpse into this heart and his world. The confession goes like this…
“I’ve been married for 23 years, and I have not made love to my wife in the last 18 years. We have the outward appearance of a perfect marriage but I’m riddled with inner turmoil. I respect my wife but I’m too afraid to hurt her. So I continue in the marriage but feel like a fraud. I’ve never been faithful and I think I’m addicted to falling in love. I often think of suicide as my way out of my marriage. I’ve realized that I’ve pretty much lived a sham my entire life for fear of being judged. Please help me.” Now just for a moment, imagine that was your husband for the last 23 years. How would that make you feel? How does that make you feel about yourself? And how would that make you reconsider your actions and beliefs in your relationship?

More Pheromone Research Studies

This is why we can’t escape the genetic differences of our pheromones – because our ancestors have been training themselves to take up certain roles in order to ensure their own survival. Men have spent hundreds of thousands of years, developing the skills of a great hunter, so that he could help himself and his family survive pheromones.
No passion, no intimacy, just friendship. This is the trap that most long-term relationships and marriages fall into. When the polarity is gone – when you’re not in your feminine energy anymore, and your man has lost his strong masculine essence – you get pain. You get fights, nasty remarks, he leaves, you leave, he cheats, you cheat, you guys get a divorce, children end up heartbroken and hurt…..and we have to see another man or woman bring up our children. Now, there are other factors that contribute to relationship breakdown, but when there is ATTRACTION, when there is polarity – romantic passion, you’re 100 times more forgiving of one another to use pheromones. Learn more at  and
These males are far smaller than females, and they often have trouble finding food in the harsh environment of the sea. So the males really have to find a female in order to survive. So what do they do?
They actually latch on to a female pheromone. They bite in to the skin of a female and when they do this, they release an enzyme that actually digests the skin of his mouth and the female’s body, causing himself and the female to be permanently fused.  (And usually about a dozen males would embed themselves on the body of one single larger female angler fish.) To produce offspring, the female can selectively choose when to access the sperm from these sacs. Interesting mating habits huh? This difference between the male and the female of the same species is called “Sexual Dimorphism”. And it occurs in virtually all animals, especially our closest relatives in the animal kingdom, the mammals.  Pheromones are used everywhere. Learn more at
There are pheromone research studies showing that men are visually stimulated more so than women. 4) He could only have one focus, and that’s how he’s going to bring the buffalo down. He can’t be thinking of anything or anyone else, during this hunt. In fact, any distractions could cost him his LIFE. If he isn’t careful and fully focused, one single mistake could mean the end of his life. So if you have ever disturbed a man whilst he is working, and he looked agitated, and you’ve instantly felt hurt and rejected – this is why. As a hunter, distractions could cost him his life. 5) Men have to be very aware of their environment and surroundings. The animals are always moving everywhere.
Men have to be able to adapt and let go of distractions, and size up what is happening in their environment and the environment of the tribe. This is something I always appreciated in my father and the man of my life, David. Often I bypass things in my environment but he’s already caught on to anything that’s strange an unusual in my living surroundings.